Amazingly Proven Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting

Ramadan is the time of fasting for one month, significance with piousness and getting self-training to control physical and mental health. Actually, the Ramadan fasting is religious and spiritual. Muslims fast not for medical benefits, which come automatically from the nature. Fasting is seen very useful to manage the body weight, provides the rest of the digestive system, lower lipid levels and many more. Ramadan fasting is not same as other fasting, because in Ramadan, there is no calorie intake or malnutrition.

Some other Extraordinary & Surprising Health Benefits of Ramadan/Fasting

The Ramadan Fasting offers so many amazingly proven and extraordinary health benefits. But, the patients with any critical disease must consult with specialist doctor.

Fasting determines inflammatory reaction.

Studies have suggested that fasting in Ramadan promotes determines of allergies and inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, other arthritis as well as various skin diseases like psoriasis. Fasting in Ramadan is also promoted to heal other inflammatory disease like ulcerative colitis.

Getting Whole year’s Energy from the Ramadan Fasting.

During the period of Ramadan fasting, there happen some changes in the body. Our body goes into a state of fasting for more than eight hours without having a meal and at this time the gut completes the absorption of essential nutrients from the body that we ate before a long time. In the other months, body glucose is stored in muscles and liver, which is the main source of energy.

Fasting Relax Digestive Tracts.

At the time of fasting in Ramadan, our digestive tracts get rest for one month. The normal body functions continue to produce of digestive secretions, it reduces at this time. It helps to maintain fluid balance in our body. The process of food’s breakdown gets fixed rates. But, fasting in Ramadan does not make any break to produce acids in our stomach.

Fasting helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

A cardiologist’s team in the UAE has found that the people who are observing fasting during the Ramadan can enjoy a better level of lipid profile that is the reduction of blood cholesterol levels. The levels of low cholesterol increase the heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease like to hear stroke or heart attack.

Fasting helps to breakdown extra fat.

The great response of the Ramadan fasting is that it breakdown body glucose. When the stored glucose is finished, ketosis starts and it’s the breakdown of body fats to provide energy. The fats that are stored in the muscles and kidney are broken down to provide energy in our body.

Fasting detoxify our body.

Foods that are processed contain huge quantities of additives. The extra additives become toxins in our body. Most of the extra toxins are stocking up in fats. When someone is fasting in Ramadan the extra fats are burnt, especially if it’s extended. The kidneys, liver, and some other organs of our body take part in this detoxification.


So, these are some Extraordinary & Surprising Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting that you might not know about. Although, there is some contradiction of fasting in Ramadan, but that is only for the patients who are suffering from any serious illness and the doctors has recommended to avoid fasting, otherwise fasting in Ramadan is great for our health and mental advantages.