Is beer famous among the local customers in Bangladesh?

Being a Muslim inhabitant country buying, selling, consuming, carrying or stocking alcohol is legally prohibited by all means. In Bangladesh, alcohol is somewhat prohibited due to its  proscription in the Islamic faith. However, the purchase and consumption is allowed in the country. The Garo tribe consume a type of rice beer, and Christians in this country drink and purchase wine for their holy communion. If you are an American citizen (or any other passport holder except Bangladeshi), you are allowed to get 2 litters of alcohol from the duty free. Its legal to carry alcohol for foreigners. You can also get it from few duty paid shops in Dhaka by showing your passport.

But still alcohol is allowed for foreigners and to serve them there are airport duty free shops, government ware houses and other licensed Dhaka bar. In most of these bar in Dhaka city one can have a drink but the collection of brands are not satisfying. And if we are talking about beer, then yes, the local customers like beer but you will find a very limited brand collection in bar in Dhaka, Bangladesh. However it is expensive.

So, most of the common drinkers prefer whisky, vodka, rum or zin while they are having a party or just having a drink. But there are a good number of people who prefers beer. They are ready to pay that much for a can and mumber of this kind of people is growing day by day. In these places you will find beer brands like local beer Hunter (330ml), crown is for 250 TK and imported Foster, Heineken, Barron’s, Holstein, etc. for 350 Tk (330 ml).

In Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar, there are people around the beach areas who will sell bottles of Russian vodka, Whisky and Beer that they source from the ocean-going cargo ship crews. Beer price is little low in these places.

If more beer brands were available and the price was a bit reasonable then beer would have been much more popular than any other drinks. But right now this is the situation of the market and this situation just cannot be changed. Because the locals are not allowed to drink, government is not producing beer and producing alcohol in private industries is not permitted. Until any further change in the game, Bangladeshi beer lovers will surely have to accept the current situation.