Blitzkrieg 3 PC Game Review – A Real-Time Strategic PC Game

Blitzkrieg 3 is a Window based PC game with third main installs of the real-time strategy game series of Blitzkrieg. Its first 2 parts were released in 2003-2005 for PC as well. The Russian studio, Nival Entertainment’s developed game who is the creator of some acclaimed titled games such as King’s Bounty: Legions, Silent Storm, Heroes of Might and Magic V etc. The releasing of the Blitzkrieg 3 is as one of the free-to-play productions of the contrary to its initial plans. It was released as the business model devoid of the micropayments that are significantly developed the playing comfort.

Story of the Blitzkrieg 3 PC Game

Similar to its previous versions, Blitzkrieg 3’s background is the World War II. Its single player campaign has the opportunity to get followed the most important events of 1939 to 1945. It was the starting Poland’s invasion up to the Berlin’s siege. The game has options to try out 3 factions that are taking part in the grand conflict, the Axis, namely the Soviet Union along with the western Allies.

Gameplay of the Blitzkrieg 3 PC Game

The single player option of this game is one of the dissimilarities of its previous installments and the additionally main game-focus. Here is the multiplayer mode is around this time. The gameplay machines get important alteration to utilizing the known solutions from some popular mobile strategies and the browser’s titles like “Clash of Clans”.


A base operation is given to each player at the starting of the game. Here’s erected as well as improved buildings, recruit troops, build  vehicles, deploy units and develop technology with stationary fortifications like mines, anti-tank guns, howitzers, bunkers etc. The principal goal is to make a base of adequate defensive and offensive potentiality. It was formerly allowed us to attack on the enemy’s positions and getting the necessary resources for additional development. It ensured latter of protecting from similar activities on the other part of players. The game-design to simulating the Frontlines for the individual player is the key strategic points of the enemies.


In spite of the getting the fact of the World War II’s most well-known generals each are getting their favorite strategy and units are making an appearance in the game. The game’s tactical aspect is somewhat simplified, that’s making the title’s deviation greatly from the prominent productions like the genre of the other series. Not getting overmuch deferred of the individual factions and possessing similar units with limited seat of strategic capabilities.

Technology of the Blitzkrieg 3 PC Game

Despite of many borrowings the game is boasted importantly higher graphics that’s might be lack of complete camera-control and look very impressive.

System requirements for the Blitzkrieg 3 PC Game

It recommends Intel Core i5 processor with 2.6 GHz speed and 8GB RAM. The Graphic card must be at least 3GB of GeoForce and windows OS.